[Fanaccount] 141217 Chocolat Bon Bon (2)

I was able to enter again :D so i went in and bought a piece of cake and more citron (yooja) tea cuz it’s so coldㅠㅠ

Me: hi oppa! Are you doing well?
Hyuk: yep~ (by nodding)
Me: are you tired recently? :(
Hyuk: nope~
Me: (after ordering) oppa er do you know? Will SS6 come to America?
Hyuk: ah i dunno for now~
Me: ok T.T it’d be nice if you guys can come~
Hyuk: yep :)
Me: ok thanks!!

After that they told hyuk to bag my cake piece and he was putting it in while i had to hurry to the side so more people can order and get my drink > < i was really flustered and kind of forgot about the cake and he said “CAKE!!” in a deep voice LOL and then another girl bought a sandwich and he said (while giving the bag to her) “SANDWICH!!” in that same voice XD thank you hyuk♡

like always, please credit @dinoteuk on twitter when taking out, thank you <3 ^^

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