[Fanaccount] 141217 Chocolat Bon Bon (3) (conversation version of 1st fanacct)

Note: I used Korean with him ._. lol

Me: /after ordering/ hi oppa, i’m from yooja (america) so i ordered yooja tea
Hyuk: eh? your name is yooja?
Me: What? No no!!
Hyuk: Nice to meet you~ (in english)
Me: because i’m from yooja–er nice to meet you too (english)
Hyuk: Miss Yooja~ Nice to meet you Miss Yooja
Hyuk: Your hair is yooja!!!
Me: -.- thanks
Me: Anyways I have… /taking out paper for him to read/
Paper: oppa, someone asked me on a date. the date is saturday night. should i go?
Hyuk: /reading paper/ /hands back paper/ don’t do it!
Me: O_O eh?!
Hyuk: Don’t do it~~
Me: so…Don’t~~? Why?
Hyuk: /repeating/ don’t don’t~
Me: cannot date other guys?
Hyuk: /repeating/ other guys are dangerous~~ (english) DANGER!
Me: so I should only date oppa? ^^
Hyuk: /nods/ yep!! ^_^
Me: okayyy <3 thank you!!

I got a handshake from him ㅋㅋㅋ anyways feel free to translate in another language but just please put by @dinoteuk on twitter at the end of your translation >< thanks!

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