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4th sign from Teuk!! I should put them all together…

talked with teuk 3 times today!! :D mostly cuz i had to get more cards for my friends.. lol anyways most convos are really short cuz he gave the signs and just..done :| lol anyways pretty much each convo is in korean ><

First one~~~
me: oppa hi~
teuk: hi~
me: /gives present/
teuk: thanks~ /gives card/
me: thank you~ do you remember me?
teuk: remember? ah yes! (ME SCREAMING RN)
me: oh!! thank you!!
teuk: thank you~ /give handshake/ merry christmas~
me: merry christmas!!

Second one:
me: hi~
teuk: hi~ (i’m sure he’s wondering why i’m back lol)
me: /takes card/ thanks ^_^
teuk: thanks~ merry christmas~
me: merry christmas~ please use my present well~
teuk: okay~

third one (aka the funny one lol):
me: hi!
teuk: hi~ (LOL sorry baby you have to see my face 3x today :D)
me: /takes card again/ thank you!!
teuk: thank you!!
me: by the way, have you been eaten a lot of ramen? :D
teuk: …./laughs nervously/ uhm…i don’t know XD
me: okay lol thank you!!
teuk: :D merry christmas~
me: merry christmas~~

And done!! i made a lot of comments after that lol he’s so handsome jsntghnjghkaner and shook my hand but idk where he put his hand…>.< okay whatever haha ^^ thank you teuk for the best christmas ever <3 see you again soon~

(can translate this to any language but please credit @dinoteuk ^^ thanks!)

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