[FANACCOUNT] 150315 Leeteuk at Kona Beans♡

150315 Leeteuk at Kona Beans fanaccount♡ I went up to teuk while he was filling out the previous order (he doesn’t really know how to use the cash register..) and he saw me and was like “hi! Have you been well? :D” (I SCREAMED CUZ HE DIDN’T SAY THIS TO THE PEOPLE BEFORE ME HURRR ;;;) and i was like yes!”Have you been well?” And he said yes~ I gave him my present and
Me: happy white day!
Teuk: thank you and happy white day~
Me: oppa what did you do yesterday? ㅋㅋ
Teuk: …i don’t know~
Me: ….how do you not know..ah do you still like strawberry stuff?
Teuk: uh? Strawberry?
Me: yeah strawberry stuff..strawberry snacks?
Teuk: ah snacks~ yes I still like strawberry snacks~
Me: yay! I gave you a lot ^^ please eat  them well!
Teuk: okay~ what do you want to order?
Me: ??? Uh what?
Teuk: what do you want to order?
Me: oh…! Strawberry smoothie
Teuk: hm? :3
Me: strawberry smoothie! I like strawberry too ㅋㅋ

He took the order and i gave him the money (card) and stuff~ he gave it back with a lollipop and receipt and said thanks!! ^^ thank you teuk♡♡♡

Credit @dinoteuk on twitter | Eunhee of SJ-The Post

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