[FANACCOUNT] 150215 Leeteuk at Kona Beans

150215 Leeteuk at Kona Beans FANACCOUNT: there was so many people who came to see teuk! ♡ he ended up working today (as cashier/server? Like he gave the drinks to people lol). ^^ I ordered a drink and waited a long time but Teuk was mostly focused on people ordering..but he came over to the serving area to greet fans ^^ I had a present to give him so i wanted to do it while he was still here~ i handed him a small bag and told him “oppa it’s my bday last week!”
He said “really? Happy birthday! ^_^”
I died lol i was so happy i barely said thank you haha XD and then he was talking with some others but when he paused for a moment i told him “happy valentines day!” And he said it back to me ^^ thank you oppa♡♡♡ today’s there not much time to meet you, you said you will only stay 30 mins but you came for one hour…thanks for your hard work and see ya next time :)

Credit @dinoteuk on twitter | Eunhee of SJ-The Post

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