[Fanaccount] 141217 Chocolat Bon Bon (1)

There is a conversation version I will post >< it’s like the same thing lol

I was around 70s and went in~ Hyukjae was serving other people and laughing a lot x) I went and bought…a lot (breakfast LOL) and a friend and i decided to buy the cupcake set together haha XD so we waited in line and after my friend went and bought (only a few things) and hyukjae saw my tray and was like O_O LOL sorry…anyways i ordered yooja cha (citron tea) while hyukjae was figuring out what to do LOL and he asks me “you want small bag? Or big bag” so i tell him big bag!! But he kept asking if i want 2 small bags or 1 big bag and i was like -.- LOL so i told him big bag for sure~~ and he was like okay :3 and he starts bagging it and i tell him i’m from USA (Yooja cuz he pronounced USA as yooja before) and he said nice to meet you♡ and was like your name is yooja? Miss yooja? Nice to meet you miss Yooja etc etc and i was like -.- again LOL so i repeated i’m from yooja and he repeated miss yooja..so finally i was being pushed away and then i showed him a paper that said “i got asked out on a date on saturday. Should i go?” And he was like hajima (don’t do it) and I was like WHAT?! LOL XD so i asked him no? No for sure? And he kept saying yes don’t go XD and i asked him should i only date oppa? And he nods and says yes!! ♡♡♡ hahaha so cuteeee so i tell him okay i’ll only date oppa ♡ and he was like okay haha and i got my drink and told him to keep warm ♡ and shook his hand! :)

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[Fanaccount] 141011 Leeteuk at Kona Beans

We were all lined up for this ^ ^ I was somewhere in the beginning~ He was so handsone!! Glasses and hat and cardigan ㅠㅠㅠ I went up to him and….

Me: hi!
Teuk: hi~
me: this is a present for you ~ (i gave him a duck figure cuz it is from rubber duck)
teuk: thank you~
Me: oppa, your picture…on instagram
teuk: ?????
Me: this one!! /shows him/ i’m in it ~
teuk: ah~
me: err sorry…. (there’s like two kinds of sorries in korea, i used the one that is like…excuse me)
teuk: ah it’s not that sorry (죄송 chwesong) but sorry (미안 mian) ^^
me: oh!! Sorry~ (use the right one this time)
teuk: don’t be sorry~
me: okay ^^
teuk: thank you!!!

He is so kind omg i wish i could get a handshake or something like last time ;;;; i love you teuk ;;;

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[Fanaccount] 141002 Tony Moly Fansign w/ Sungmin & Zhou Mi

Yay fansign!! Boo Tony Moly… lol anyway, I got my ticket to get into the fansign (which was a wristband, like the ones they gave for SS6 if you were in standing x))~ Many many fans were there since it was at Dongdaemun~ I waited and waited and waited until finally I was able to get to Min/Mi~ But they were rushing us so we couldn’t really talk with them. :( They gave us posters for the two of them to sign :) The girl before me was a Sungmin fan so she kind of took her time with Ming, so Zhou Mi was looking over in my direction and I waved to him~ He waved back with a smile :D

Me: Hi oppa! ^__^
SM: Hi~~ /starts to sign
Me: I’m from America! (Always gotta tell them hehe)
SM: ooh America~
Me: Yep~ Are you gonna come to America? (Didn’t ask him about SS6)
SM: ljngfkdjsml;f, (i forgot what he said HAHAHA SORRY)
SM: Are you here as a student?? (Or something idk I can’t remember my convo with him ;;;;)
Me: Ah yes~
SM: Okay~ Thank you~ (Gomawoyo~ I’m glad he used this cuz it’s more casual ^^ I’d prefer a casual convo haha >_<)
Me: Thank you!!!

I got to shake his hand and then move on to Zhou Mi!

ZHOU MI VERSION (in Chinese):
Me: Ni hao!! ^_^ (Hello in Chinese)
ZM: OH!! Ni hao!!!
Me: I’m from America~!
ZM: !!!!!!! OH!!!!!!! Wow!!! How..? /starts to sign (cuz he saw my name already)
Me: Hahaha my parents are from Taiwan and they immigrated to America :D
ZM: …wow XD Your accent/pronunciation is like Amber’s! (HE COMPARED ME TO AMBER AHHHHH I LOVE AMBER THANKS ZHOU MI /O\)
Me: Hahaha thank you(? idk??? lol), Amber and I are both from California, that’s why! (I guess, that’s a lame reason pmsl)
ZM: Ahh okay~ Thank you!! ^_^
Me: Thank you!!
We shook hands and I shook his hand with both of my hands ._. Idk if they’re comfortable with this, I need to stop… lol

Thank you Zhou Mi and Sungmin!!! Tony Moly people and security were otherwise bad but I quite enjoyed the fansign~~ Thank you for reading ^^

[Fanaccount] 140910 Sinchon M2U Records Fansign – Leeteuk, Heechul, Shindong

[140910/Fanaccount] Sinchon Fansign (Teuk ver)

When I went up to the stage, I was very very nervous! Teuk kept looking my way~ but that was to look at fans left hahaha I’m sure he was very tired TT

Anyways, when I got up to him, I was shaking a bitㅠㅠ I handed him my present (and he said thank you ㅋㅋ Shindong did too!! I forgot to mention that ㅇㅅㅇ)

me: oppa hi~
teuk: hi~ /takes the album book/
me: ……….i’m…i’m a fan from america~
teuk: !!! oh!! from america! /while signing
me: yes!~
teuk: /now focused on signing/
me: ….uh…uh.. oh sorry my korean is bad (i forgot why i said this hurrr)
teuk: ah no your korean is good (DIES DIES DIES DIES DIES)
me: ;;;;;; thank you!!! ah~ will you visit kona beans?
teuk: /didn’t hear or ignores question/ where in america are you from?
me: ???? O__O
teuk: where where~
me: oh…uh california!! near san francisco~
teuk: oh california~~~~~
teuk: ….you know the iphone? it’s from california
me: yes i know lol xDDDDDD
teuk: /hands back album/ thank you :DD

we shook hands hurrr but he ignored/didn’t look at my post-it note questions;;;;; another time then ㅠㅠㅠ


[140910/Fanaccount] Sinchon Fansign (Heechul ver)

Okay this one is probably the best because Heechul was so funny hahaha
After Leeteuk, I waited a little bit to talk with Heechul but he was very friendly~ He said “HI~” very loudly and in Heechul kind of style? (IDK he says “hi” a certain way…it’s loud but really nice hehe)
I gave him a present (I originally had a bag for him too but it took up so much space and his presents were small…I feel so bad because he was the nicest to me too TT) and he was very happy, but didn’t look at it then ^^ He put it to the side in a box where they store gifts haha.

Me: oppa hi~
Hee: Hi! :D
Me: :D :D :D :D I..I’m from America!! /hands him album/
Hee: Ah America!!! Okay~ Alison!! /starts signing/
Me: !!! Oppa, your sign is so pretty!! (He was drawing a flower and stuff it was awesome!!)
Hee: Thanks!! ^_^ I know (he might have said this, idk hahaha i don’t remember lol)
Me: (my question was: will you finish writing the 83line fanfic? [] no!! [] will write~)
Hee: /writes ㅋㅋ i don’t know ㅋㅋ/ (I didn’t really pay attention to him writing it)
Heechul finished and also put “I’m also pretty” LOLOLOL okay ._. (refering to me calling his sign pretty lols)
Me: oppa thank you~
Hee: Thank you (in korean)~

http://www.twitlonger.com/show/n_1s9dp1t )

[140910/Fanaccount] Sinchon Fansign (Shindong ver)

After getting Heechul’s and Leeteuk’s signs, I went over to Shindong~ He is so friendly, greeted me with a “hi~” and greeted him back~ ….I forgot to tell him I’m from America like I did with the others -_- just realized after…sighs at self.
Anyways, we of course had a conversation~ i handed him my album~

me: oppa, hi!
sd: hi :) /looks at name/ Alison?
me: yes~ /excited
sd: ah~ /writes and adds a heart/
me: /dies internally
sd: /looks at my question: will oppa continue to upload shin’s family videos on youtube? will sj members also appear? [] yes~ sj will appear~ [] no!! i hate sj members -ㅅ- [] i still don’t know~/
sd: yes~~~ (he marked a checkmark for yes~ sj will appear~) /laughs a little
me: oh, oppa, your sign is so pretty~
sd: ah, thank you! :D
me: yay!! ^_^ oppa thank you~
sd: thank you~ /shakes my head

SO SWEET ;;;; and like he saw the question and was like, no doubt he will film sj for shin’s family~ can’t wait to see your videos shindong~ ^^


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[Fanaccount] 140819 Leeteuk at Kona Beans

Leeteuk went to Kona Beans for a few minutes because he was in the area! (eating food haha) He went to visit his mom and like the staff give him an Americano (watered down coffee). He was so handsome and I don’t quite remember his outfit but he had sunglasses on that he didn’t take off (his mom said he couldn’t, idk why? haha) He’s quite tall too (probably wearing shoelifts) but I was also bowing x) 

Fans were allowed to talk with him as long as they didn’t take any pictures. Yoojin and I were able to talk with him! :) 

140819 KONA BEANS CONVERSATION (mostly in Korean)
Me: oppa hello /bowing
Teuk: ah hello~
Me: i’m from America!! ( I’m an American fan)
Teuk: Thank you (in english)
Me: uh..uh… i saw smtown!! Congratulations on your first stage!!
Teuk: ah thank you~
Me: oppa you saw my hat??
Teuk: ah??
Me: er…er the one with your birthday!! You saw right?
Teuk: ah yeah yeah! I know i know~
Me: (OGMFHDKFHKSJDJSJDJ in the inside) …err thank you ;;;
Teuk: thank you~


He was so cute and sweet and amazing and I love him ;_; I hope he comes back!! He ended up leaving before another friend got to talk with him, but he was really happy to see fans ^^ He greeted quite a lot of fans and we were all squealing and spazzing and stuff haha 

Thank you again Jungsoo!!! <33 Hope to see you soon~

(also thanks to the girls who screamed when they saw him otherwise I wouldn’t have noticed he was there pmsl)

[Fanaccount] 140812 Eunhyuk at Chocolat Bon Bon

Eunhyuk’s Tous Les Jours changed into Chocolat Bon Bon! :) It’s still at the same location, everyone please visit it~ ^^ 

He came today (the opening day) around 6:20pm? He was very cute, wore a beanie to cover his head and a weird..shirt thing lol. He walked around his bakery for a bit looking very proud hahaha 

There are two parts to this fanaccount! He is super cute ;;;; 

[Part 1] 

I went in and ordered a drink and bought a chocolate chip cookie! He wasn’t taking any orders :( Since there’s so many people inside, the drinks came kind of slowly. He took this chance to talk with fans ^^ There were many Chinese fans and they asked him if he is okay speaking Chinese and he was like “ke yi (I can)” and they spoke with him in Chinese. I was waiting for my drink and he was finishing his conversation with another fan and he was just kind of looking around. My friend Yoojin had given him a present so I wanted to give him something too but I didn’t have anything except for my cookie, so I decided to give him my cookie….OTL

[Part 2] 

me: oppa, do you want to eat a cookie? (In korean)
Hj: sure! /takes cookie thank you~
Me: …….
Hj: ……
Me: ….I’m an American fan
Hj: ah~ ………
Me: nice to meet you!!! /laughs (in english)
Hj: akfkskkflsdlskjv (idk what he said hahaha)
Me: Your english is good~
Hj: ah no no no no (LOL)

Cutie pie! Thanks for making today so wonderful and going to your expensive bakery worthwhile~ See you again soon :)