SJㅡthe Post has moved!

S J ㅡ the Post has officially moved to Weebly!

Check out the new website here: 

It’s more website-y, and even has a splash page~ Hope you guys like it~ everything on here will remain on here, only a few things as well as new stuff (coming soon, in July? ㅋㅋ) will be on the weebly. (Personal things will be posted here probably, like fanaccounts and bad pictures lol)

There is also a new section for Leeteuk: the Duck Pond/오리연못 :) it’s the Leeteuk photo/video section because I’m biased x)

Anyway, please check it out and if you’ve got any comments or questions, just tweet me or comment here!

WordPress shall still be up! Don’t forget to check this for any fanaccounts~ Thanks for supporting SJ ㅡ the Post on wordpress~ 

[140309/7P] KPOPCON with USA ELF

Hi! This is the sole admin of this site, Eunhee! I went to KPOPCON ^^ It’s a convention hosted in California, USA~ I kind of teamed up with USA ELF ( and helped them at their booth! Here are some pictures~ Enjoy!

Pretty stuff I got~ x) I’m really Leeteuk-biased okay ;_;20140309_131115 20140309_13111920140309_15402020140309_15403220140309_15403520140309_154039

Sorry for my laziness! :(

Hi everyone, I am back from Korea~~ I’ve been back…since a while ago ㅡㅡ;;

I’m sorry there’s no more updates after Kyuhyun’s musical. I’m trying to get all photos sorted (I took way too many at Sukira)

In addition, I’ve been watching Sukira on my phone/ipod rather than the computer….so caps will be rather rare…..

See my twitter instead because that’s more useful for any updates :D;

Thank you and sorry~ I’ll get my photos up as soon as possible D:

Also, I’m going to add a page: Achievements! ^^ I’ve done a lot…apparently. XD

So see you all soon =D

– Eunhee