{110701/8P} SJ – The Post’s gifts to Leader Leeteuk and Eunhyuk


Explanation: Today’s Eeteuk’s birthday and since he’s my bias, I had to give him a gift. I bought something for Eunhyuk in America so I wanted to give that to him.

For both boys I bought them a box of Pepero. Why? The box had “Since 1983” on it and that reminded me of them. Next time, I need to buy it for Heenim -_________-

Jungsoo’s main gift was a jar of origami stars, and the T-shirt I bought for him as a gift in 2009 but was too afraid to send it.

The pillow……..is also for him to have a comfortable flight and sleep and whatever, but it’s a chicken because it reminds me of…me and hopefully will remind him of me.  The bag for Hyuk is so cute but the one for Teuk is too big. -_-

These gifts will be given to the boys at Sukira. Whenever. I photographed the jar when it’s not complete…..

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^ 110800:  a picture of Heechul in the dorms taken by Ryeowook has this jar of stars on a shelf. They kept the gift! :)
http://twitpic.com/62znuw/full Thanks boys <33

{110701/Eeteuk’s birthday ♥}

☁ The day that the angel descended from the Heavens ☁

Happy birthday to our amazing leader, Park Jungsoo – Eeteuk!

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Happy birthday dear leader ♥ No matter what, we are one! I cry with you, smile with you, worry so much when you’re in pain or trouble! I’ll hold your hand in the worst times, and I’ll be in your heart, by your side forever, taking that gentle hand and squeezing it as tightly as I can. This year, you’ve gone through immense changes, such as more singing parts (투정/Grumbling with Krystal and Ice Cream with Joo) and even being the first idol on KBS Newsline! Congratulations, you’ve truly deserved those moments! I’m really glad you have had the chance to express yourself and show the world your shining but gentle power. You are a brilliant leader, taking 12 men under your lead! Everytime I see your shining charisma, I can’t help but smile! I am so happy to have learned about you and Super Junior. Being your fan is one of the best experiences in life. Thank you for being my shining star and my inspiration for everything. I’ll always be your Super Girl in any moment. I cannot even begin to express my admiration for everything you do. Thank you for everything, I hope you enjoy this day with everyone you love. For your 29th birthday, I want to make it the most amazing time you have ever had, as special as you are . Happy birthday ELF’s most precious angel. Thank you for descending from the heavens and blessing this world with your soft but powerful presence. Wish our leader the best 29th birthday ever! ♥♥♥♥♥ Leave a heartwarming message for him here! NOT DONE. POSTED EARLY SO I CAN COPY IT ONTO SJ-WORLD. THANK YOU. 

{110621/Ryeowook’s birthday ♥}

2011년06월21일 ♥

Ryeowook oppa happy birthday!!!!!! You don’t know how much I love you~~~ I love you with all my heart and I support you forever!! ^^ I’m sorry for not actually recognizing your birthday until now (at 8pm KST time shameful me) and I feel so terrible! You only deserve the best after all! I want you to have the most amazing days a person can have and I want you to know that I will follow you forever!

I love not only your face and vocals, but your silly personality and wonderful cooking skills! You are also so kind to fans and you always take pictures of whatever you’re doing on twitter and I love that so much! ^^ Your Chinese is amazing and I hope to converse with you in Chinese one day! You are now 25 but you are still so young!! I think you will continue to grow and to excel at everything you do! One day, I want to cook for you and clean for you so that you can take a break and melt into your own paradise! I love you with all my heart and I want you to know that even though I am not the best fan, I want you to know that I will always stand by your side! Oppa , you are one of the most amazing people ever!! I want to see your live performance and I know your musical will be absolutely daebak!!! Your radiance and shining face is one of the representatives of the Hallyu wave and you are one of the best singers the UNIVERSE has ever seen!!! There is no way that anyone can beat your charm and style!! I love your amazing fashion sense, food sense, and amazing tenor voice and falsetto!!! Well, to be honest, I love everything about you! However, oppa, you need to eat more!! You are way too skinny and you need to have more food! I know Taiwan’s food is so amazing and filling and plentiful but despite eating that, you are still so amazingly skinny! I hope you are eating all of the food you need and sleeping well every night! I’m worried about your health and I don’t want you to be sick!! Oppa, I want to make sure I can take care of you too! I will do my best to defend you and I won’t let anything bad get to you! ♥ I admire and love how your smile is able to reach everyone’s hearts and touch them with the warmth that only YOU can give!! Continue to be yourself and continue to give ELF from all around the world the hope you give me! I hope that one day, we will be able to see each other, maybe as idol and ELF, but definitely as friends!! Never give up and you will reach the top of the idol industry! To me, you are already at the top! You are perfect in every way! Always be my Ryeowook sunshine!! I love you with my heart!! HAVE THE BEST BIRTHDAY A RYEOWOOK CAN EVER HAVE!!!!!!

♥♥♥♥♥ 은히 {Eunhee}