[Fanaccount] 141217 Chocolat Bon Bon (3) (conversation version of 1st fanacct)

Note: I used Korean with him ._. lol

Me: /after ordering/ hi oppa, i’m from yooja (america) so i ordered yooja tea
Hyuk: eh? your name is yooja?
Me: What? No no!!
Hyuk: Nice to meet you~ (in english)
Me: because i’m from yooja–er nice to meet you too (english)
Hyuk: Miss Yooja~ Nice to meet you Miss Yooja
Hyuk: Your hair is yooja!!!
Me: -.- thanks
Me: Anyways I have… /taking out paper for him to read/
Paper: oppa, someone asked me on a date. the date is saturday night. should i go?
Hyuk: /reading paper/ /hands back paper/ don’t do it!
Me: O_O eh?!
Hyuk: Don’t do it~~
Me: so…Don’t~~? Why?
Hyuk: /repeating/ don’t don’t~
Me: cannot date other guys?
Hyuk: /repeating/ other guys are dangerous~~ (english) DANGER!
Me: so I should only date oppa? ^^
Hyuk: /nods/ yep!! ^_^
Me: okayyy <3 thank you!!

I got a handshake from him ㅋㅋㅋ anyways feel free to translate in another language but just please put by @dinoteuk on twitter at the end of your translation >< thanks!

[Fanaccount] 141217 Chocolat Bon Bon (2)

I was able to enter again :D so i went in and bought a piece of cake and more citron (yooja) tea cuz it’s so coldㅠㅠ

Me: hi oppa! Are you doing well?
Hyuk: yep~ (by nodding)
Me: are you tired recently? :(
Hyuk: nope~
Me: (after ordering) oppa er do you know? Will SS6 come to America?
Hyuk: ah i dunno for now~
Me: ok T.T it’d be nice if you guys can come~
Hyuk: yep :)
Me: ok thanks!!

After that they told hyuk to bag my cake piece and he was putting it in while i had to hurry to the side so more people can order and get my drink > < i was really flustered and kind of forgot about the cake and he said “CAKE!!” in a deep voice LOL and then another girl bought a sandwich and he said (while giving the bag to her) “SANDWICH!!” in that same voice XD thank you hyuk♡

like always, please credit @dinoteuk on twitter when taking out, thank you <3 ^^

[Fanaccount] 141217 Chocolat Bon Bon (1)

There is a conversation version I will post >< it’s like the same thing lol

I was around 70s and went in~ Hyukjae was serving other people and laughing a lot x) I went and bought…a lot (breakfast LOL) and a friend and i decided to buy the cupcake set together haha XD so we waited in line and after my friend went and bought (only a few things) and hyukjae saw my tray and was like O_O LOL sorry…anyways i ordered yooja cha (citron tea) while hyukjae was figuring out what to do LOL and he asks me “you want small bag? Or big bag” so i tell him big bag!! But he kept asking if i want 2 small bags or 1 big bag and i was like -.- LOL so i told him big bag for sure~~ and he was like okay :3 and he starts bagging it and i tell him i’m from USA (Yooja cuz he pronounced USA as yooja before) and he said nice to meet you♡ and was like your name is yooja? Miss yooja? Nice to meet you miss Yooja etc etc and i was like -.- again LOL so i repeated i’m from yooja and he repeated miss yooja..so finally i was being pushed away and then i showed him a paper that said “i got asked out on a date on saturday. Should i go?” And he was like hajima (don’t do it) and I was like WHAT?! LOL XD so i asked him no? No for sure? And he kept saying yes don’t go XD and i asked him should i only date oppa? And he nods and says yes!! ♡♡♡ hahaha so cuteeee so i tell him okay i’ll only date oppa ♡ and he was like okay haha and i got my drink and told him to keep warm ♡ and shook his hand! :)

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[Fanaccount] 140812 Eunhyuk at Chocolat Bon Bon

Eunhyuk’s Tous Les Jours changed into Chocolat Bon Bon! :) It’s still at the same location, everyone please visit it~ ^^ 

He came today (the opening day) around 6:20pm? He was very cute, wore a beanie to cover his head and a weird..shirt thing lol. He walked around his bakery for a bit looking very proud hahaha 

There are two parts to this fanaccount! He is super cute ;;;; 

[Part 1] 

I went in and ordered a drink and bought a chocolate chip cookie! He wasn’t taking any orders :( Since there’s so many people inside, the drinks came kind of slowly. He took this chance to talk with fans ^^ There were many Chinese fans and they asked him if he is okay speaking Chinese and he was like “ke yi (I can)” and they spoke with him in Chinese. I was waiting for my drink and he was finishing his conversation with another fan and he was just kind of looking around. My friend Yoojin had given him a present so I wanted to give him something too but I didn’t have anything except for my cookie, so I decided to give him my cookie….OTL

[Part 2] 

me: oppa, do you want to eat a cookie? (In korean)
Hj: sure! /takes cookie thank you~
Me: …….
Hj: ……
Me: ….I’m an American fan
Hj: ah~ ………
Me: nice to meet you!!! /laughs (in english)
Hj: akfkskkflsdlskjv (idk what he said hahaha)
Me: Your english is good~
Hj: ah no no no no (LOL)

Cutie pie! Thanks for making today so wonderful and going to your expensive bakery worthwhile~ See you again soon :)


[140704/9P] D&E New Album Skeleton (short) MV Caps

MV: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SIlHRbslWAI *_* so hot omg


Credits to: Eunhee @ SJ – The Post {sjthepost.wordpress.com}


[140704/13P] Super Junior at MBC Shimshimtapa Radio

Lol this show was full of crack the members were just going crazy xDD anyways, thanks for a good 6yrs and 3 months DJ Dong-guridongdong!! Hope to see you again in DJing ♥


Credits to: Eunhee @ SJ – The Post {sjthepost.wordpress.com}