[FANACCOUNT] 150315 Leeteuk at Kona Beans♡

150315 Leeteuk at Kona Beans fanaccount♡ I went up to teuk while he was filling out the previous order (he doesn’t really know how to use the cash register..) and he saw me and was like “hi! Have you been well? :D” (I SCREAMED CUZ HE DIDN’T SAY THIS TO THE PEOPLE BEFORE ME HURRR ;;;) and i was like yes!”Have you been well?” And he said yes~ I gave him my present and
Me: happy white day!
Teuk: thank you and happy white day~
Me: oppa what did you do yesterday? ㅋㅋ
Teuk: …i don’t know~
Me: ….how do you not know..ah do you still like strawberry stuff?
Teuk: uh? Strawberry?
Me: yeah strawberry stuff..strawberry snacks?
Teuk: ah snacks~ yes I still like strawberry snacks~
Me: yay! I gave you a lot ^^ please eat  them well!
Teuk: okay~ what do you want to order?
Me: ??? Uh what?
Teuk: what do you want to order?
Me: oh…! Strawberry smoothie
Teuk: hm? :3
Me: strawberry smoothie! I like strawberry too ㅋㅋ

He took the order and i gave him the money (card) and stuff~ he gave it back with a lollipop and receipt and said thanks!! ^^ thank you teuk♡♡♡

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[FANACCOUNT] 150215 Leeteuk at Kona Beans

150215 Leeteuk at Kona Beans FANACCOUNT: there was so many people who came to see teuk! ♡ he ended up working today (as cashier/server? Like he gave the drinks to people lol). ^^ I ordered a drink and waited a long time but Teuk was mostly focused on people ordering..but he came over to the serving area to greet fans ^^ I had a present to give him so i wanted to do it while he was still here~ i handed him a small bag and told him “oppa it’s my bday last week!”
He said “really? Happy birthday! ^_^”
I died lol i was so happy i barely said thank you haha XD and then he was talking with some others but when he paused for a moment i told him “happy valentines day!” And he said it back to me ^^ thank you oppa♡♡♡ today’s there not much time to meet you, you said you will only stay 30 mins but you came for one hour…thanks for your hard work and see ya next time :)

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[Fanaccount] 141225 Kona Beans

4th sign from Teuk!! I should put them all together…

talked with teuk 3 times today!! :D mostly cuz i had to get more cards for my friends.. lol anyways most convos are really short cuz he gave the signs and just..done :| lol anyways pretty much each convo is in korean ><

First one~~~
me: oppa hi~
teuk: hi~
me: /gives present/
teuk: thanks~ /gives card/
me: thank you~ do you remember me?
teuk: remember? ah yes! (ME SCREAMING RN)
me: oh!! thank you!!
teuk: thank you~ /give handshake/ merry christmas~
me: merry christmas!!

Second one:
me: hi~
teuk: hi~ (i’m sure he’s wondering why i’m back lol)
me: /takes card/ thanks ^_^
teuk: thanks~ merry christmas~
me: merry christmas~ please use my present well~
teuk: okay~

third one (aka the funny one lol):
me: hi!
teuk: hi~ (LOL sorry baby you have to see my face 3x today :D)
me: /takes card again/ thank you!!
teuk: thank you!!
me: by the way, have you been eaten a lot of ramen? :D
teuk: …./laughs nervously/ uhm…i don’t know XD
me: okay lol thank you!!
teuk: :D merry christmas~
me: merry christmas~~

And done!! i made a lot of comments after that lol he’s so handsome jsntghnjghkaner and shook my hand but idk where he put his hand…>.< okay whatever haha ^^ thank you teuk for the best christmas ever <3 see you again soon~

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[Fanaccount] 141217 Chocolat Bon Bon (3) (conversation version of 1st fanacct)

Note: I used Korean with him ._. lol

Me: /after ordering/ hi oppa, i’m from yooja (america) so i ordered yooja tea
Hyuk: eh? your name is yooja?
Me: What? No no!!
Hyuk: Nice to meet you~ (in english)
Me: because i’m from yooja–er nice to meet you too (english)
Hyuk: Miss Yooja~ Nice to meet you Miss Yooja
Hyuk: Your hair is yooja!!!
Me: -.- thanks
Me: Anyways I have… /taking out paper for him to read/
Paper: oppa, someone asked me on a date. the date is saturday night. should i go?
Hyuk: /reading paper/ /hands back paper/ don’t do it!
Me: O_O eh?!
Hyuk: Don’t do it~~
Me: so…Don’t~~? Why?
Hyuk: /repeating/ don’t don’t~
Me: cannot date other guys?
Hyuk: /repeating/ other guys are dangerous~~ (english) DANGER!
Me: so I should only date oppa? ^^
Hyuk: /nods/ yep!! ^_^
Me: okayyy <3 thank you!!

I got a handshake from him ㅋㅋㅋ anyways feel free to translate in another language but just please put by @dinoteuk on twitter at the end of your translation >< thanks!

[Fanaccount] 141217 Chocolat Bon Bon (2)

I was able to enter again :D so i went in and bought a piece of cake and more citron (yooja) tea cuz it’s so coldㅠㅠ

Me: hi oppa! Are you doing well?
Hyuk: yep~ (by nodding)
Me: are you tired recently? :(
Hyuk: nope~
Me: (after ordering) oppa er do you know? Will SS6 come to America?
Hyuk: ah i dunno for now~
Me: ok T.T it’d be nice if you guys can come~
Hyuk: yep :)
Me: ok thanks!!

After that they told hyuk to bag my cake piece and he was putting it in while i had to hurry to the side so more people can order and get my drink > < i was really flustered and kind of forgot about the cake and he said “CAKE!!” in a deep voice LOL and then another girl bought a sandwich and he said (while giving the bag to her) “SANDWICH!!” in that same voice XD thank you hyuk♡

like always, please credit @dinoteuk on twitter when taking out, thank you <3 ^^

[Fanaccount] 141217 Chocolat Bon Bon (1)

There is a conversation version I will post >< it’s like the same thing lol

I was around 70s and went in~ Hyukjae was serving other people and laughing a lot x) I went and bought…a lot (breakfast LOL) and a friend and i decided to buy the cupcake set together haha XD so we waited in line and after my friend went and bought (only a few things) and hyukjae saw my tray and was like O_O LOL sorry…anyways i ordered yooja cha (citron tea) while hyukjae was figuring out what to do LOL and he asks me “you want small bag? Or big bag” so i tell him big bag!! But he kept asking if i want 2 small bags or 1 big bag and i was like -.- LOL so i told him big bag for sure~~ and he was like okay :3 and he starts bagging it and i tell him i’m from USA (Yooja cuz he pronounced USA as yooja before) and he said nice to meet you♡ and was like your name is yooja? Miss yooja? Nice to meet you miss Yooja etc etc and i was like -.- again LOL so i repeated i’m from yooja and he repeated miss yooja..so finally i was being pushed away and then i showed him a paper that said “i got asked out on a date on saturday. Should i go?” And he was like hajima (don’t do it) and I was like WHAT?! LOL XD so i asked him no? No for sure? And he kept saying yes don’t go XD and i asked him should i only date oppa? And he nods and says yes!! ♡♡♡ hahaha so cuteeee so i tell him okay i’ll only date oppa ♡ and he was like okay haha and i got my drink and told him to keep warm ♡ and shook his hand! :)

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[Fanaccount] 141011 Leeteuk at Kona Beans

We were all lined up for this ^ ^ I was somewhere in the beginning~ He was so handsone!! Glasses and hat and cardigan ㅠㅠㅠ I went up to him and….

Me: hi!
Teuk: hi~
me: this is a present for you ~ (i gave him a duck figure cuz it is from rubber duck)
teuk: thank you~
Me: oppa, your picture…on instagram
teuk: ?????
Me: this one!! /shows him/ i’m in it ~
teuk: ah~
me: err sorry…. (there’s like two kinds of sorries in korea, i used the one that is like…excuse me)
teuk: ah it’s not that sorry (죄송 chwesong) but sorry (미안 mian) ^^
me: oh!! Sorry~ (use the right one this time)
teuk: don’t be sorry~
me: okay ^^
teuk: thank you!!!

He is so kind omg i wish i could get a handshake or something like last time ;;;; i love you teuk ;;;

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