[130817/6P,FANACCOUNT] Tous Les Jours with Eunhyuk

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130817 TOUS LES JOURS/멸뚜 FANACCOUNT (warning: lots of pmsl): I went into TLJ to buy bread after what finally seemed like forever! Eunhyuk was so handsome with his pink hair and white top! I really like it.. XD Anyway, I was in line to buy the bread and order a drink (so hot today, I was thirsty T_T)! I was getting nervous and didn’t know what to tell Eunhyuk, and when my turn finally came, I directed my attention to the girl next to Eunhyuk since I didn’t really know what to say still -_- I had to tell them what drink I wanted several times (since they were fumbling around with my friend’s order from before). I told them my drink (strawberry smoothie) and Eunhyuk was like “ah, strawberry smoothie!” like he approved of my choice or something. XD

While paying, finally, I turned to Eunhyuk and said, “Oppa, I’m from America!” (in Korean). Eunhyuk was like (WARNING PMSL) “America? U.S.A.??? …Yooja?! (English) (IF YOU DON’T KNOW WHAT THIS MEANS, GO LOOK UP EUNHYUK YOOJA PARTY IN THE USA ON YOUTUBE OR GOOGLE). Yooja??? You’re from Yooja??” and just kept repeating “Yooja”. After I finished laughing/interally crying from Hyuk, I was like “Yes, California! ^_^” and he was like “ahhh~~” lol.. I asked him if he wanted to go to America and he said (WARNING PMSL AGAIN): “Yes! I need. I want. I blah blah blah (can’t remember since he just blabbered randomly in English).” and the finishing part, he said “I will!” with these kinds of eyes: ㄱwㄱ but…creepier??? LOL like he was suggesting something.
I was like “PFFFFFFFFFTTTTTT” on the inside, but outside I just laughed and told him he should come, and he was like “Yes yes” LOL I got my stuff and asked him for a high five (but he had his hand turned to a handshake at first lmao sorry bb) And I told him thank you in both English and Korean and he was like “bye bye~” I cried LOL

After when my drink came out, I turned to Eunhyuk and told him “Oppa you worked hard today too!” and he smiled and nodded at me~

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[130909/1P] Donghae at Grill 5 Taco

1: donghae, sneaky kid, came out of nowhere as soon as everyone was about to leave. he spoke cute english

2: he kept telling fans ‘thank you’ and ‘please go home’ and jalgayo (go well idk lol) and walked once around the shop

3: he also shook some fans’ hands and waved many times! i got really lucky and close and we shook hands(?) twice

4: donghae wanted us to go, so he was like “turn! turn!” and then he pointed downhill and said ‘turn right’

5: donghae came out again and saw more fans. he must’ve been like omg these girls..but waved to us before driving off

by: @dinoteuk on twitter

by: Eunhee of SJ-The Post // @dinoteuk

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