SS4 song list – Seoul Stop {compiled by @dinoteuk/Eunhee}


1) Superman (슈퍼맨)

2) Opera (오페라)

3) Twins! Knock Out (remix)

4)  Man in Love (remix) (갈증)

*VCR: Eunhae leading dance battle*

5) Bonamana (remix) (미인아)

6) 1st MENT –introductions-

7) You’re My Endless Love (말하자면)

8) Oops!

9) Wonder Boy

10) Rokkugo (로꾸거)

*VCR: New York*

11) Walkin’

12) Baby (Henry solo) – then remix ft. Amber [rap]

13) 자체발광 보석미남  (Eunhyuk solo) – got the crowd going

14) (물들어) Sungmin solo – BMK

15) (Isn’t She Lovely)  Kyuhyun solo – Stevie Wonder – played keyboard/harmonica

16) Moves Like Jagger (Ryeowook solo) – Maroon 5 – sit on the couch, and also sexy dance with girls,

17)  She (Eeteuk solo)  – Charles Aznavour

18) Twinkle Twinkle Little Star/Sorry,Sorry/  (Shindong solo) DJ Shindong

*VCR: Dancing Roly-Poly/recording in school/boys dress up omg*

19) Good Friends

20) Pajama Party (파자마 파티)

*VCR: Ice Hockey w/ SJ*

21) Feels Good  (결투)

22) Taiwanmei (태완미)

23) A-cha (아차)

*VCR: half-naked VCR w/ Hyuk, Teuk, Ming, Hae* /nosebleed

24) Mr. Simple

25) Don’t Don (remix) (돈돈!)

26) Because of You (Zhou Mi solo) – Kelly Clarkson

27) Kiss Me (Yesung Solo)

28) Your grace is enough (Siwon Solo ft PJ from Third Wave) – Chris Tomlin

29)  오빠떴다(Donghae solo ft Eunhyuk ) – Donghae

*VCR: K.R.Y w/ Sungmin and Donghae*

30) Storm (푹풍)

31) Y

32) 2nd Ment

33) Lovely Day (acapella)

34) 둘이 (You and I)

35) Our Love

*VCR: from Debut* /sobs

*VCR:  The Sound of Music, SJ style*  The Sound of Super Junior ROFLMAO

36) Do Re Mi – The Sound of Super Junior (Doe – Ming. Re- Hyuk. Mi- Hae. Fa-Teuk. So- Yesung. La- Wook. Ti- Kyu) ß so so so cute omg

37) White Christmas (remix)

38) Dancing Out (remix)

*Thank you*


39) U (remix)

40) Sorry, Sorry

41) Miracle (remix)

*Again thank you, HenMi joined*

42) Destiny (Korea ver.) all members on the stage.


Credits to: Eunhee @ SJ – The Post  {}


Thank you so much SJ boys ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ This was a great start and idk how to express my thanks, I love

you guys ㅠㅠㅠ

If there are any problems, song name is wrong, order, etc. Please tell me by tweeting @dinoteuk or email