[Fanaccount] 141002 Tony Moly Fansign w/ Sungmin & Zhou Mi

Yay fansign!! Boo Tony Moly… lol anyway, I got my ticket to get into the fansign (which was a wristband, like the ones they gave for SS6 if you were in standing x))~ Many many fans were there since it was at Dongdaemun~ I waited and waited and waited until finally I was able to get to Min/Mi~ But they were rushing us so we couldn’t really talk with them. :( They gave us posters for the two of them to sign :) The girl before me was a Sungmin fan so she kind of took her time with Ming, so Zhou Mi was looking over in my direction and I waved to him~ He waved back with a smile :D

Me: Hi oppa! ^__^
SM: Hi~~ /starts to sign
Me: I’m from America! (Always gotta tell them hehe)
SM: ooh America~
Me: Yep~ Are you gonna come to America? (Didn’t ask him about SS6)
SM: ljngfkdjsml;f, (i forgot what he said HAHAHA SORRY)
SM: Are you here as a student?? (Or something idk I can’t remember my convo with him ;;;;)
Me: Ah yes~
SM: Okay~ Thank you~ (Gomawoyo~ I’m glad he used this cuz it’s more casual ^^ I’d prefer a casual convo haha >_<)
Me: Thank you!!!

I got to shake his hand and then move on to Zhou Mi!

ZHOU MI VERSION (in Chinese):
Me: Ni hao!! ^_^ (Hello in Chinese)
ZM: OH!! Ni hao!!!
Me: I’m from America~!
ZM: !!!!!!! OH!!!!!!! Wow!!! How..? /starts to sign (cuz he saw my name already)
Me: Hahaha my parents are from Taiwan and they immigrated to America :D
ZM: …wow XD Your accent/pronunciation is like Amber’s! (HE COMPARED ME TO AMBER AHHHHH I LOVE AMBER THANKS ZHOU MI /O\)
Me: Hahaha thank you(? idk??? lol), Amber and I are both from California, that’s why! (I guess, that’s a lame reason pmsl)
ZM: Ahh okay~ Thank you!! ^_^
Me: Thank you!!
We shook hands and I shook his hand with both of my hands ._. Idk if they’re comfortable with this, I need to stop… lol

Thank you Zhou Mi and Sungmin!!! Tony Moly people and security were otherwise bad but I quite enjoyed the fansign~~ Thank you for reading ^^